Inventory Sync

How do I test syncing inventory updates from QuickBooks Online?

Connex syncs changes from install forward. Any product that you update in QuickBooks will sync to your site. The sync runs every fifteen minutes, stock changes are sent one at a time. You can either wait for your task to start or run a manual sync

How does it work?

Update an item in QuickBooks by either changing text or changing quantity. Our tool syncs updates from the date of install forwards. For initial syncs, export a spreadsheet from QuickBooks. You can upload a list of products and update your website. For Shopify users needing an initial sync, a two column spreadsheet of QuickBooks item names and their stock quantities will update your site. For more info, read this guide.

How do I get started?

Set Up Sync

  1. In Connex, click manage.
  2. Expand sync direction.
  3. In the direction field, choose orders and inventory.
  4. Click save and sync.

Update Items

  1. In QuickBooks, click the gear on the top right.
  2. Click products and services.
  3. Next to an inventory item, click edit.
  4. Ensure that the QuickBooks item name matches your website SKU. You can also match QuickBooks SKU to SKU.
  5. In the sales description field, add the phrase test. Once the sync finishes, you can remove test and click save again.
  6. Click save.

Manual Sync

  1. In Connex, click dashboard.
  2. Click manual sync, next to your connection.
  3. Click save.
  4. Wait a few minutes.
  5. Refresh the page.
  6. Scroll down to your logs and check for success or error messages.