Integration FAQ

How do I sync inventory from QuickBooks to Amazon?

Connex  allows you to use QuickBooks as a product catalog. You can make pricing and inventory updates in Amazon from your QuickBooks item list.


Connex can send inventory updates from QuickBooks to Amazon. Our tool matches the QuickBooks item name or QuickBooks SKU to the Amazon SKU. During our set-up, choose sync inventory to Amazon and orders to QuickBooks. FBA items are excluded from the sync. If you use holding time, you must map a default time. 

If your SKUs and QuickBooks products are mismatched, you may map them using our rules engine. To map multiple listings to the same SKU, read this guide.

Can you create products in Amazon from QuickBooks?

There are two types of products:

  1. Other Amazon vendors sell the product and you want to become a vendor. If you resold Dell Laptops, then you fall under this category. Amazon calls this feature the flat file inventory loader feed.
  2. No vendor on Amazon sells the product and you want to become the first. Amazon calls this feature the flat file listings feed.

To enable Connex to make new products for QuickBooks Desktop users, follow these steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to your item list. 
  2. You need to map a UPC, ASIN, or EAN from QuickBooks to Amazon. A QuickBooks custom field called UPC will map automatically. If you need to map ASIN or EAN, please contact us.
  3. Log into Connex.
  4. Click manage.
  5. Expand inventory.
  6. Expand sync inventory to QuickBooks.
  7. Check create products if missing.
  8. Under inventory types to update, select Amazon inventory loader to associate existing Amazon products. Select Amazon listing loader, if the products are unique to your account.

Once the item is uploaded, what is the end result?

If you use the inventory loader, then Amazon already has an image. Our tool can update the price and quantity. Here is the result.

What happens if I sell on FBA?

Connex skip any stock changes to FBA products.

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