How do I sync automatically with QuickBooks Desktop?

Yes! The flow of data is controlled by the QuickBooks Web Connector - the Intuit tool that allows Connex to integrate with desktop versions of QuickBooks. To sync automatically, the Auto-run feature of the Web Connector must be enabled. 

Can Connex sync automatically?

Yes, we fully support automatic syncing with the Web Connector. To accomplish this, the Auto-run feature of the QuickBooks Web Connector must be enabled. 

To launch the Web Connector, inside of QuickBooks:

  • click File > Update Web Services.
  • Next, check the Auto-run box (shown below) and set an interval ("Every_Min"). The fastest we recommend is 30 minutes.


IMPORTANT: This works great on local machines. However, if QuickBooks is hosted via a server, third-party service, or you use a remote desktop, the user that paired Connex must stay logged into the computer. If your computer reboots or you log out of the remote session, this closes all open applications - including the Web Connector.


If the Web Connector is not open and running, no data is flowing.

How does it all work?

Connex uses two sync timers; the start date and end date of the sync. Both dates use hours and minutes and usually sync in the UTC time zone (Coordinated Universal Time). Almost all e-commerce solutions hold orders in UTC time. Connex will automatically detect your local time zone.

As you run the Web Connector, the sync dates will move forwards automatically. In this example, the Web Connector is set to sync hourly:

Regardless of when the sync finishes, our software will sync at a scheduled interval.


The fastest you can sync is every 15 minutes and the fastest we recommend is every 30 minutes.

How do I minimize the web connector?

Web Connector in your way? No problem: inside the Web Connector application, click Hide or the minimize icon. The Web Connector will not operate in the background. Never click X on the top-right or Exit on the bottom-right - unless you intend to stop syncing automatically. This closes the Web Connector. If the Web Connector is not open and running, no data is flowing.

Can I set the Web Connector to open automatically?

The web connector must be able to login automatically as admin, or a user with admin privileges:

  1. Login to QuickBooks.
  2. Go to edit > preferences > integrated applications.
  3. Click Connex.
  4. On the left, click properties.
  5. Check allow this application to login automatically: 


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