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How do I resolve an issue uploading a CSV or Excel file?

Steps to resolve the following error, Error uploading rules CSV System. Accepted formats: csv, .xlsx, .xls. Max file size 2Mb


The Connex Rules Engine allows you to easily manage your rules by exporting the list to excel. You can adjust the sheet and upload any changes into Connex. If the sheet is missing required fields or there are unsupported characters or font, you can get an error when trying to upload the file. 

Example Error

Error uploading rules CSV System.Exception: System.IO.FileFormatException: File contains corrupted data. at MS.Internal.IO.Zip.


  1. Ensure all required Headers exist on your sheet.
  2. If all headers exist and issues persists, we recommend trying to copy/paste the contents of your file into a new CSV. 

Required Headers

  • Rule Name
  • Object Type
  • Action
  • Map To
  • Field Name
  • Map From
  • Comparison
  • Conjunction

Optional Header

  • Website - this header is not required (if exists, can be blank, partially filled out for some or all rules)