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How do I remove tax on an order?

You can add a rule to remove tax.

Although Connex has logic to remove remitted tax, there could be times where tax is still added.

In this example, we have a company that only charges a state tax in Massachusetts (MA).

Here are the steps to remove tax for all other states:

  1. On the left, click Rules Engine > My Rules
  2. Click "add new rule".
  3. Choose the rule type: "Map field based on a condition".
  4. As the Rule Action, enter "Remove Tax on Order".
  5. As the comparison, enter these values: 
    1. Field to Check: Shiping State
    2. Comparison: Is Not
    3. Conjunction: OR
    4. Initial Value: MA 

  6. For the final value (step 4), you can leave that field blank.
  7. Click Finish and your rule should be complete.