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How do I reexport orders by number?

If you enter a (no more than 25-30 orders) comma-separated list of numbers, Connex will reexport only those orders.

How do I create a comma-separated list?

  1. Obtain an excel sheet of missing order numbers.
  2. Copy the order number column in Excel.
  3. Open Word.
  4. "Paste special" as text only.
  5. Select the data in Word (the one that you need to convert to text separated with ,), press Ctrl-H (Find & replace)
  6. In "Find what" box type ^p
  7. In "Replace with" box type a comma.
  8. Select "Replace all"


You must enter these values into Connex:

  1. Log into Connex for QuickBooks and select 'manage' under an existing connection
  2. At the All Settings page, expand the Sync Manually to QuickBooks menu.
  3. In the order list field, copy paste the list of order numbers: 
  4. Click Sync Now.
  5. Repeat the above steps if you have more than 25-30 order numbers to sync.
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