How do I perform an initial import of products from Shopify to QuickBooks?

How to import products from a SpreadSheet

My website has over 10,000 top level products. Is Connex compatible?

Our tool will import products, if they are tied to incoming orders. To perform an initial import, follow these steps:

  1. In Shopify, click the products tab on the left.
  2. Click export.
  3. Choose all products and the second box for CSV.
  4. Save a copy of the CSV.
  5. Delete all rows except the first.
  6. Add three columns: income, asset, COGS.
  7. Enter an inventory asset account in the asset field. Enter a COGS account in the COGS field. Enter an income account in the income field. QuickBooks will later ask you to map accounts, so you will map these columns.
  8. In QuickBooks, go to the gear box.
  9. Click import data.
  10. Choose products.
  11. Upload the CSV with the single row.

From here, you will be asked to map fields.