Web Connector

How do I pair Connex on Ace Cloud Hosting?

Using Ace Cloud Hosting to ensure a continuous sync.

What are the steps?

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your Ace Cloud Hosting RDP.
  2. Log in QuickBooks as admin and open your company file.
  3. Double click Google Chrome.
  4. Visit the Connex website.
  5. On the connections grid, click add.
  6. Follow the install wizard. 

Can the web connector run automatically?

Ace Cloud's service uses a dedicated server. Ace Cloud can create an auto logon user on the server. Please contact Ace Cloud support to create the user. Once complete, login to QuickBooks as admin. Open your company file. Go to file and click update web services. Check the auto run field.

Instruct the host to auto login your user and put the web connector in startup. Even if you sign out this user, this user will be automatically signed in after the server reboot in night hours. Instruct them to disable server session time out policy.

What are the benefits of Ace Cloud Hosting and how do they compare to RightNetworks?

ACE offers a private server environment. Right Networks offers a multi-tenant environment and might not be able to accommodate certain changes. A private server has its own benefits such as faster speeds, much more reliable environment and ACE also offers a 100-day rolling data backup policy.