Sales Tax

How do I map the tax code when adding new customers?

Managing tax for new customers

What does this field do?

If you create a new order for the customer manually, these fields are prepopulated on the order. In the case of the screenshot below, all lines items will say Non and the tax code on the bottom will say LA County.

How does the field map?

How does this field map?

Connex will pull a list of tax codes from QuickBooks. If the customer is new and the incoming order has no tax, then our tool pulls the first non-taxable code in QuickBooks and maps it. The tax code on the line item is called sales tax code.

In the case of 2 None Audio, "Non" is the first non taxable code in the list:

What about the Tax Item Code (LA County)?

This field is called item sales tax code. We have a setting located under customer > advanced customer > sales tax code that maps this field.

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