How do I map the shipping cost from ShipStation to QuickBooks?

Set-up Connex to map the field

Map via the Rules Engine:

  1. Go to Connex and click Rules Engine -> My Rules
  2. Click "Add New Rule"
  3. Choose the template named "Map field to another field regardless of condition"
  4. Give your rule a name, and copy the screenshot below:

  5. The result of this rule can be viewed in the Order Previewer. (This customer's "Shipping Incl Tax" was previously set to ~38 dollars before rule was applied)

Is there a demo?

Here is a demo about income, COGS, and shipping costs:

How do the fields map?

Connex will map the shipping cost field to a QuickBooks line item:

How do I instruct Connex to update existing sales with the shipping cost?

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click settings.
  3. On the left, click orders to QuickBooks.
  4. In the order status field, enter shipped.
  5. Under transaction type, enter invoices.
  6. On the left, click orders from QuickBooks.
  7. Select update shipping cost and tracking number:

Connex will automatically update the sale, after it syncs to QuickBooks. Our tool receives the sale before and after it ships.


How do I map the shipping cost and what the customer paid in QuickBooks?

Connex can send either the shipping the customer paid or your shipping cost to QuickBooks. As a workaround, you can enter your costs in bulk:

  1. Obtain a statement of how much your costs were for a month. In this example, we accumulated $100 for shipping costs in a month.
  2. Log into QuickBooks.
  3. Go to lists > item list.
  4. Find your shipping item.
  5. Assign a shipping income account:
  6. Go to vendors > enter bills.
  7. Enter a bill for the costs. Choose an account for the expense and enter the full amount.
  8. Save the bill.
  9. In QuickBooks, go to reports > company and financial > profit and loss standard.
  10. View your report. Notice the shipping income and the shipping costs accounts.