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How do I map the payment method to the QuickBooks Terms field?

In this example, we will map the payment method to the the QuickBooks Terms field.


How do I set up the rule?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to our software
  2. Click Rules Engine on the left
  3. Click My Rules>Rules Engine
  4. Click Add New Rule
    1. Choose Start from Scratch
    2. Name the Rule
    3. Action = Map Order Terms
    4. Conditions are:
    5. Field: Payment Method
    6. Map From (The name of your store's payment method) in this example - Discover
    7. Comparison: Equals
    8. Click Update
    9. Map To: (The name of your store's payment method)  In this example - Discover
    10. Click Next until you can click Finish
    11. You will see the completed rule in your list

Here are the screen shots:

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