Common Rules

How do I map the order other field?

How to map a field to the QuickBooks text box field.

QuickBooks has a textbox field called other. We commonly place custom field values into it. Order other already exists in QuickBooks and it is far easier to map.

How do I show the field in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, open a sale.
  2. Formatting, customize data layout.
  3. Next to other, click screen and print.
  4. In the title field, enter any value you wish:

The title field in QuickBooks is arbitrary.

How do I map the selling channel name to the other field?

In this example, we will map the phrase WooCommerce to the other field:

  1. Add a rule.
  2. Click advance.
  3. As the title, enter map selling channel to other.
  4. In the action, enter map order other.
  5. In the rules area, enter these values: selling channel, map all, OR and leave the last field blank.
  6. Click submit.

Here is the end result: