Common Rules

How do I map Shopify tags, using the rules engine?

Creating rules to map Shopify tags to QuickBooks


You are matching the Shopify tag to the QuickBooks customer name field. In Shopify, the tag is Amazon. In QuickBooks, the name is


This rule maps any selling channel containing Amazon to in QuickBooks:

  1. Navigate to the Connex Dashboard.
  2. Click Rules Engine > My Rules.
  3. Click Add New Rule.
  4. Choose Map field, based on condition.
  5. As the action, choose Map Selling Channel.
  6. In the rules grid, set the field to check to be Order Tag. Enter Equals as the comparison and enter Amazon as the initial value. If your order has multiple tags and you want to compare one of them, use contains.
  7. Save the rules form.
  8. In the What should the value be? area of the rule, enter
  9. Select Submit.


Once this is done your rule should be all set and ready to help automate your orders. You can use our order previewer to check and see if the rules changes have taken effect as desired.