Custom Store

How do I map sales tax in a Custom Store integration?

Map the price including tax, total tax, and shipping address fields.

How does Connex map tax?

Note: this article shows how to send tax amounts from a Custom built integration to Connex

Our tool sends the order without tax. QuickBooks recalculates the tax, after applying a tax code. Tax is based on the shipping address state. You can add tax as a line item. For more info, read this guide on tax as a line item and this guide on mapping tax codes.

What does the JSON look like?

Under JMAOrderDetail, ensure PriceInclTax is more than PriceExclTax. In this case, we mapped the total tax on the item:

"PriceExclTax": 100.00,
"PriceInclTax": 106.25,

In the TotalTax field, enter the amount charged:

"TotalTax": 6.25,

In the ShippingAddress object, add the country, state, and city. These are used to map QuickBooks tax codes:

"ShippingAddress": {
"City": "Portland",
"PostalCode": "97215",
"RegionName": "OR",
"TwoLetterIsoCode": "US"

The tax rate field is optional. In this case, we will assign it. 

"TaxRate": 6.25

Here is a sample JSON request.