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How do I map product SKUs using a CSV spreadsheet?

You can upload a bulk list of rules into Connex. The most common is a one to one mapping of SKUs, though you can upload a list of any rules. 

If my QuickBooks item name matches my SKU, do I need to upload a mapping?

If your product SKUs match your QuickBooks item names, then there is no need to create a mapping.

If you use QuickBooks Online, here is the QuickBooks name field:


In QuickBooks Desktop, go to lists and click item list. Double click an item. Here is an example item name:

If you use QuickBooks Desktop and your item has a parent, the child item is the QuickBooks item name that we match.

Is it possible to split SKUs and take the left side only?

Instead of adding one to one mapping, you could say split SKUs in half. For instructions, read this guide.

Getting Started with SKU Mapping

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex
  2. On the right, click rules engine.
  3. Click action and upload.
  4. Download the sample CSV.
  5. On the left column, enter the QuickBooks item name. On the right, enter the product SKU from your online store.
  6. Upload the spreadsheet - from the Connex Dashboard>Rules>My Rules>Upload