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How Do I Map Multiple SKUs to a Universal SKU?

If your products you wish to map have a similarity we can identify, we can map them all to one SKU with the Rules Engine

Use Case: All SKUs that start with "AB" are going to be mapped to a common SKU called "ABC123".

Basically, all these SKUs below would be changed:

  • AB84924824 -> ABC123
  • AB0000 -> ABC123
  • ABABAB -> ABC123


How Do I write this Rule?

Are you using QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Online?

  1. When reaching the Rules Engine, click "Add New Rule"
  2. Choose the Template "Map Product"
  3. Give the rule a name of your choice (the more descriptive, the better)
  4. Keep the rule action as "Map SKU"
  5. Click "Add" on the conditions grid.
  6. Set "Initial Value" to "AB"
  7. Set the Comparison to either "Starts With" (if you are using an order prefix) OR "Contains" (if it doesn't matter where the AB exists in the SKU)
  8. Once the condition is set, enter "ABC123" on step 4 ("What should the value be?" question).

After that, you should be all set!

Tip: Use our Order Previewer that has some of these SKUs. If your SKUs mapped successfully in the previewer, they should also map the same way in QuickBooks!