Sync Orders from QuickBooks Desktop

How do I map an address with attention in it?

How does Connex know how to map a first name, last name, and company?

Connex will look at the address and compare it to the customer record. In this case, lines of the address match company, first name, and last name. Our tool will map the company as Audio Concepts, the first name as Parker, and the last name as Taub. Connex will strip ATTN: from lines one or two.

Here is a screenshot of the QuickBooks customer and its order:


What if my order is shipping to another customer?

QuickBooks does not know the difference between a company and a customer name just by the sound. The company and name must exist in company or name fields somewhere. The QuickBooks ship to have no first name, last name, or company fields. In this case, Connex will map the address like this: