How do I map a deposit account, based on a payment method?

In this example, we will map PayPal to the the PayPal deposits account.

How do I set up the rule?

Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Connex dashboard.
  2. Click Rules Engine on the left and select My Rules.

  3. Under Rules, click Add New Rule:
  4. Under the header, "Type of Rule", select Map Account from the drop-down list:

  5. At Add Rule Name, type in the name you would like this rule to have. We recommend informative titles such as "Map PayPal Payments to PayPal Deposits Account".

  6. For the action you would like it to take, select Map Order Deposit Account

  7. In the conditions grid, select Add and specify what scenario needs to take place in order for the Rule to take effect.

    In this example:
    - Field to Check should be Payment Method
    - Comparison should be Equals
    - Initial Value should be "PayPal", (Which means the Rule will run on all Payment Methods that are equal to "PayPal")
    - The Conjunction does not need to be changed.
    - Select Update.

  8. At the last step, "What should the value be?", type in the Deposit Account that you would like this order to apply to.

    (Hint: When typing, you will see a drop down of Deposit Accounts stored in your Connex account that match your typed text.)

     In this example, the Deposit Account name should be "PayPal Deposit Account":

If you do not see your intended Deposit Account on QuickBooks Desktop, then you will need to create it / verify it exists, and refresh your Chart of Accounts

If using QuickBooks Online, make sure the correct account type exists.