How do I filter Salesforce orders by custom order statuses?

You can filter by custom order statuses

In this example, our tool will sync Salesforce orders when they ship.

Add status

Here are the steps:

  1. In Salesforce, click the icon on the top right.
  2. Select classic view.
  3. Click orders.
  4. Click the arrow and view fields:
  5. Next to status, click the link:
  6. Add a status:
  7. Add shipped:

Update Salesforce

You must add shipped to an order:

  1. Open an order.
  2. Change the status to shipped:
  3. Click save.

Update Connex

You must instruct Connex to pull sales by this status.

  1. Open a support case with us and tell us all your custom statuses. Take a screenshot of the order status pick values. Ask the developer to add a comma separated list of API names to the QB:CustomOrderStatuses property in your account.
  2. Login to Connex.
  3. Click manage.
  4. Expand orders > sync orders to QuickBooks > sync manually to QuickBooks:
  5. In the order status field, enter shipped: