Common Rules

How do I exclude orders from syncing, if they have a specific SKU

Lets assume you have a product that should not enter your QuickBooks, perhaps it is a particular type of sale or a digital product. You can write a rule to keep that order from syncing.

Here is how to set up this rule:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click Rules Engine > My Rules on the left navigation bar.
  3. Click "Add New Rule".
  4. Choose from the Type of Rule selector: "Map field, based on a condition"

  1. As the action, choose "Do Not Import Order to QuickBooks".
  2. In Field To Check, you will select SKU
  3. Under Comparison, select "contains"
  4. In Initial Value, enter the SKU you desire to not sync into QuickBooks.

  1. Leave "What should the value be?" blank.
  2. Click Submit.