Custom Store

How do I create a developer account to pair the custom store?

We give access to a developer account

Can I get a developer account?

Before allowing users to integrate our custom store, we review their business requirements. If we feel you are a fit, we will create a developer account for you. The account is fully functional. If necessary, we can give you access to a remote desktop with QuickBooks Enterprise. 

We can give access to a remote desktop with QuickBooks installed for testing. QuickBooks also gives access to a not for resale license, if you want to test locally.

Are there limitations?

The account is fully functional. We allow syncing up to 500 sales. If you want more, please let us know.

How do I get started?

A team member shall send you a user name and password. We will add a connection to custom store in your account. Please supply us with the base URL. 

The first step of our pairing process is seeing if we have the right credentials. Our tool performs a GET to this URL:

Please give us the URL before authenticate to web service:

In your account, here is how it looks: