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How do fields map from Magento to QuickBooks?

A diagram showing how fields map from Magento to QuickBooks.


Here is a diagram:

Magento  QuickBooks Notes
Increment ID Order Number  
Currency Code Currency Code  
Customer Currency Code N/A Can be mapped to currency code in QuickBooks. We can map the currency code the customer used or the one of the store (i.e. $10 USD vs. $11 EUR)
Amount Paid Amount Paid  
PO Number PO Number  
Payment Last Trans ID QB Pay. Ref. No  
OrderSalesRep Sales Rep  
Status N/A  
Created At Order Date  
Paid At Payment Date  
Base Grand Total Order Total  
Base Tax Amount Order Total Tax  
Customer Group Code Customer Type  
Base Shipping Amount Shipping  
Base Shipping Tax Amount Shipping Tax  
Customer Email Customer Email  
Billing address Billing address  
Shipping address Shipping address  
Store Name N/A Can be used to make rules
Discount Amount Discount  
Shipping Method Shipping Method  
Tracking Number Tracking Number  
Ship Date Ship Date  
SKU Item Name  
Quantity Quantity  
Unit Price Rate  
Product Name Item Description  
Product Options Item Description Appended, if there are options.
Item Tax Amount Tax Code Tax is taxable or non if no tax.