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How can I use a single code for shipping and discounts?

You can map all the shipping names and all the discounts codes to a single shipping and discount name in QuickBooks. 

How do I set-up the rules?

Connex has a rules engine where you configure the shipping or discount code to map. Here are the steps:

To Map All Shipping Methods:

  1. Log in to Connex.
  2. On the left select Rules Engine>My Rules.
  3. Click on the Add New Rule Tab
  4. To map all the shipping or discount methods, select map shipping method or map discount from the drop down
  5. Fill in the fields as shown in the screenshot below.  (If you are using this to map discounts, replace Discount any where you see Shipping Method)
  6. The "Map To" field will contain your QuickBooks Item Name for your shipping item or your discount item.
  7. Click Finish when complete.

    (For Discounts, choose "Coupon Code" as the Field)

After I map the Shipping Method, what is the before and after?




After I map the Discount Method, what is the before and after?