Connex Quickbooks Online

Getting Started with Connex Online: Intro to the Dashboard

The Connex dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the Connex account.

Welcome to the Connex Online Dashboard 

The major sections of the Connex user interface offer shortcut buttons and links to manage the Connex account settings faster and easier. 

If you'd like to see a demo of the Connex dashboard, please click here.

This article contains:

Area 1: Main Dashboard 

Main Dashboard area contains the Selling Channels, ErrorsOrders, Map Products, and Tasks windows. 

Selling Channels Window:

Add Connection, Restore Settings, Update Selling Channel URL, Sync All Buttons

This section lists your current connections or channels in your Connex account.  New buttons and links have been added to this section to allow users to quickly make changes to their Connex account right from this dashboard section. 

  1. Add Connection: Use this button to add a new connection to your Connex account.   
  2. Restore Settings: Connex can back up a user's sync settings.   Use this button to upload a backup text file of your sync settings.  Use the backup link to save a copy of your current sync settings.  Related Help Article:  How Can I Back Up My Sync Settings?

  3. Update Selling Channel URL: Use this button to fill out a form to transfer your website to another URL. This is ideal, if you are transferring a site from development to production. Connex will transfer all   rules, settings, and sales tax code mappings to the new website

  4. Sync AllUse this button to sync all selling channels at the same time.  The sync will begin when the Web Connector application runs in QuickBooks. 

Selling Channels Window: Sub-Menus

Manage, Refresh Drop Downs, Manual Sync, Update Login


a. Manage: The Manage button will take you to the All Setting Page in the Connex account for the specific connection.  

b. Manual Sync: Use the pop-up window to enter sync dates or specific order numbers to sync to or from QuickBooks 

c. Update Log In: Used to update the credentials for the specific connection. 

Transactions Window:

View number of orders already synced, remaining orders and the Connex plan limit.

Errors Window:

View the Connex Error Log file for syncing issues.

Orders Window:

View the orders that have successfully synced into QuickBooks.

Map Products Window:

If you use the Connex Map Products setting (this means you do not allow Connex to create new products in QuickBooks when orders sync, but instead flag orders before the enter QuickBooks to create product mapping rules in the Connex account) you will see orders that have not synced and need products mapped. 

Tasks Window:

The Connex task manager window can be used to toggle the sync on or off.


Area 2: Left Navigation 

The left navigation links are short-cut links to the most popular Connex account settings: Orders, Proudcts, Rules Engine, Log,  Available Integrations, Refer a Friend.

Area 3: What’s New, Help & Account Information 

The top right navigation area includes:  What’s New in-app messaging, Help Menu, and Account information. 


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