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Getting Started with Connex Online: Add a New Integration

How to add an integration for Connex Online

Getting Started with Connex Online: Add a new integration

To get started, login to Connex. On the dashboard, click Add a New Connection to begin the setup process.

Add a new integration steps

You'll see a series of getting started expectations to prepare you for what's next. Click the blue Next button to proceed.

1. Click in the Solution Name field and select the integration you wish to setup. Notice that once selected, a handy instructions guide will appear on screen with integration-specific instructions.

2. Click read instructions to launch the integration-specific guide. This will open a new tab in your browser with detailed instructions on how to pair your QuickBooks file with your Online Store.  When you have read the instructions, click back to Connex, fill in the form and click the blue Submit Form button.  

3. You will arrive at the first step of the Connex for QuickBooks installation Wizard.  Follow the 7 step questions to set up the sync. once complete you can sync an order manually to test.

Now that Connex is paired with the chosen integration, the next step is to complete the configuration guide.

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