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Getting Started with Connex for QuickBooks: Overview

There are five essential things that need to occur before syncing your first few orders to QuickBooks.

Review Prerequisites

Before adding your first integration, make sure you have everything you need by reviewing the prerequisites.

1. Register a Connex account

The first step on your journey to freedom from data entry is to register an account. This automatically begins a 14-day free trial.  Steps to register

2. Add a new integration

Begin the process of adding an integration to your account and connecting it with Connex. Robust instructions are available to see how to integrate a support platform.

3. Connect your QuickBooks

If you use QuickBooks Online, skip this step.

Integrate Connex with your QuickBooks Desktop by way of the QuickBooks Web Connector application. This requires downloading a QWC file to your computer and applying it to the Web Connector.


QuickBooks Required Access

To complete these steps, you will need to login to your QuickBooks as the Admin user and temporarily set QuickBooks to single-user mode.

4. Set Up the Connex Sync Settings

Now it's time to complete the Connex set-up wizard and configure the sync settings for your newly added integration. Once this is complete, you'll be ready to sync your first order.

Connex for QuickBooks features a user friendly setup walkthrough that will guide you through each of the steps.

5. Intro to the Connex Dashboard

A recommend resource for new users to Connex. Learn about the Connex dashboard.  Details are provided about shortcut buttons and links to manage the Connex account settings faster and easier. 

Account Setup Demo Video

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