Getting Started with BigCommerce

Our software can be installed through API accounts area in BigCommerce.

Getting Started with BigCommerce

Our software can be installed through API accounts area in BigCommerce.


Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your Bigcommerce store.
  2. In the left, click advanced settings.
  3. Click API accounts.
  4. Click create API account.
  5. Select create V2/V3 API token.
  6. In the name field, enter Connex.
  7. Copy the API Path and Access Token to Notepad to reference later.
  8. You will see options that say none, read-only, or modify. Give read only access to all areas and modify access to order and product. If asked to choose between none and modify, select modify. Connex should have at least read only access to all areas of your site.
  9. Click save.
  10. In Connex, click add a new connection.
  11. In Connex, fill in the API Path and Access Token.  Client secret/ID is unused. In the Connection Name field, enter the URL of your Bigcommerce website.  

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Do you support bundled items?

Our software can sync bundles in two ways:

  1. You can sync just the parent item to QuickBooks. If you use QuickBooks bundled items, this is the recommended and default setting. Here is an example.
  2. You can sync the sub items only to QuickBooks. The price of the first item is the price of the bundle. All other item prices say $0. All items will appear as inventory items. This setting is ideal, if QuickBooks has no bundled item. You can add merchant fees because the total is greater than zero. Here is an example.

To enable syncing individual items, follow these steps:

  1. Login to our software.
  2. Click manage.
  3. Expand orders.
  4. Expand advanced transaction.
  5. Select 'Sync bundle sub items to QuickBooks'. Leave unchecked if you use grouped items in QuickBooks.

How do the fields map between Bigcommerce and QuickBooks?

To view a diagram, click here.

I use QuickBooks Canada. My order items tax codes change by shipping address and product type. Can you map the tax codes from Bigcommerce, instead of tax codes by shipping address region?

Connex can map the Bigcommerce tax classes to QuickBooks. For more info, read this guide.

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