Sync Orders from QuickBooks Online

For QuickBooks Online, how do I sync an order from QuickBooks to my selling channel?

This guide describes syncing an order from QuickBooks Online to your selling channel.

Can I filter sales, before they sync?

Yes, you can add a class to the top right of the sale. If you do not wish to add classes, click here and just install our product.

How do I enable class tracking in QuickBooks Online?

Each order will have a class called ShipStation. This tells our software to send the orders to ShipStation. This class prevents orders from ShipStation from going into QuickBooks and back to ShipStation. To enable class tracking, follow these steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, click the gear > account and settings.
  2. Click the advanced tab.
  3. Click track classes.
  4. Select on.
  5. Select one to entire transaction under assign classes.
  6. Click save.

You must have QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced to enable Class Tracking.

Create a new Class in QuickBooks

  1. Click the Gear icon in QuickBooks (top right nav area)
  2. Under the Lists column, click 'All Lists'.
  3. Select the 'Classes' link.
  4. Click the green 'New' button on the right side.
  5. Enter the class name of 'ShipStation' and click save.

Add an Order to QuickBooks Online

You must add the name of your ordering solution to the class field. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to QuickBooks Online.
  2. On the left, click sales.
  3. Click the customer tab.
  4. Select a customer. We highly recommend adding an address to the QuickBooks customer record, prior to creating orders in QuickBooks. This ensures a more accurate mapping between QuickBooks and ShipStation. Here is an example:
  5. On the top right, click new transaction.
  6. Create an invoice.
  7. Your class must match the name of your selling channel. Since we are syncing sales from QuickBooks to ShipStation, enter ShipStation in the class field:

  8. Enter some products on the order.

How do I set up the sync?

In this example, we will use ShipStation. Other e-commerce solutions are supported. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into Connex.
  2. Click add connection and choose ShipStation.
  3. Pair it.
  4. When asked for a sync direction, choose sync orders from QuickBooks.
  5. Complete the wizard. We recommend adding a class called ShipStation on top of the orders. If you choose to sync orders regardless of class, sync regardless of class:
  6. When asked for an order number, enter an order from QuickBooks. If you sync orders with a class of ShipStation, be sure to enter a class.
  7. Finish the wizard.