Sync Orders from QuickBooks Desktop

For QuickBooks Desktop, how should I format an address?

Instructions for formatting an address


To sync orders from QuickBooks, you must have a valid billing and shipping address. If the order is outside of the United States, add the country to the last line of the address. The city, state (if supplied) and postal code should exist on the same line. This guide is compatible with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, though screenshots of desktop are supplied.

Can I enter an order without a billing or a shipping address?

No, the orders will fail to sync. Ensure you enter a name and street address.

How do I sync orders outside the United States or Canada?

Connex must assign the two letter ISO code (US for United States), so sales can sync from QuickBooks to ShipStation.

  1. In QuickBooks, open the customer record.
  2. Next to address details, click the pencil.
  3. Ensure the city, state and country are completed:
  4. Create a new order in QuickBooks and it will add the address properly.

Your shipping address must have the full country name or two letter ISO at the bottom of the address:

Baris Yildiz
Tokyo to Edogawa ku Minami Kasai
2-23-16 mezon kodaka 201
Tokyo, Edogawa ku 134-0085


We recommend inserting the company on line 1. If you want to enter the customer's name on the second line, prefix it with Attn:

Company and Name Mapping

Connex will compare lines one and two to the customer's name and company on file. In this example, Peter Taub is listed on line two. Connex determined that Peter Taub was the name because it was on file. If line 2 said Dr. Peter Taub, then the system would fail to match it correctly. You can prefix a line with Attn: and Connex will replace that part.


Here is the result in ShipStation:


A quick internet search of the valid address format for the country will fix most issues. The most common problem is an address is incomplete, or a phone number is included in the address.