Connex Functionality FAQ

For QuickBooks Desktop, can I have multiple user seats to one account?

For QuickBooks Desktop, can I pair multiple users to one account?

Connex Desktop integrates with desktop versions of QuickBooks in a unique way, via the QuickBooks Web Connector. This requires use of what is called a QWC file that links Connex to the Web Connector and your QuickBooks.

This is all tied to the username/email address chosen upon account creation and setup, which both Connex and the Web Connector use to authenticate that everything is properly connected and talking with one another.

As a result of this unique integration method, Connex Desktop is not able to offer more than one user seat per account.

I need to allow more than one user. Is there a workaround?

No, unfortunately there is not. Connex Desktop only offers one user seat at this time.

For more information regarding QuickBooks licenses and seats, click here for QuickBooks Support