Support Policy FAQ

For new customers, what is the onboarding process?

How we onboard new customers

We offer 3 hours of free onboarding for new Connex subscribers. Here is the process:

  • Preliminary call
  • Onboarding
  • Phone follow ups

Preliminary Call

We will discuss your desired accounting and order management process. We will agree on settings, sync directions, and selling channels to pair with QuickBooks. 

During the call, we will ensure that you meet the system prerequisites to user software. These include having the admin logins to QuickBooks, selling channels, and having a product and customer matching software supports.

After we confirm that you meet the prerequisites, we will ask you to pair certain selling channels and QuickBooks. Pairing most channels involves logging into your selling channel through our software. Pairing QuickBooks involves signing into QuickBooks as admin and double-clicking a file. If there is a technical issue pairing QuickBooks or selling channels, and we will assist you during the onboarding process.

The preliminary call lasts for no longer than 45 minutes.


The onboarding is scheduled shortly after the preliminary call. We will assist you with pairing selling channels and QuickBooks. We will adjust the settings that we discussed during the preliminary call. We will test some of the functionality. If there are questions that we cannot answer, we will look at the issues off the call and email you. Onboarding lasts for no longer than one hour.

Follow Up Calls

About a week after the initial onboarding, we will schedule a 30 - 45 minute follow-up call. We will discuss this offer is functionality and work out any technical issues that have arisen during the last week. We will schedule a second follow-up call within a week of the first follow-up call.

What if I need more time?

Most set ups are completed within a 2 to 3 hour time frame. Most users are able to start using our software within 1 to 2 weeks of purchase. If you change order workflow or add more selling channels, you can purchase additional onboardings for a fee. Please contact us for details.

I have questions about Shopify and apps outside of your software. Can you help?

We have a high-level understanding of the selling channels that we integrate with QuickBooks and other apps that integrate with QuickBooks. For specific questions, please contact your website developer or the app provider.

What timeslots are available?

We will send you a calendar link to schedule a time with a staff member. Our staff is entirely US based on the East Coast.

Who performs the implementation?

The implementations are performed by our US-based implementation team. Due to the highly technical nature of some set ups, there could be questions that our staff is unable to answer on the phone. Our implementation team will work with our development team to answer those questions on a follow-up call or by email.