Sync Orders from QuickBooks Online

For Connex for QuickBooks Online, can I sync orders regardless of class?

Connex for QuickBooks Online filters sales by class. You can easily disable an re-enable this filter.

How do I disable the class filter?

  1. Go to Connex Online Dashboard.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Expand Orders.
  4. Expand Sync orders From QuickBooks.
  5. Go to "Sync Orders With Class:" and choose "Sync regardless of class".
  6. Click Save Settings.

Connex for QuickBooks Online creates a rule, which filers sales by class. A rule can have multiple map from fields. In this case, the rule says if the order has a class and if the class is not ShipStation, then exclude the order. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Connex ruleset.
  2. Click edit next to the class mapping rule: 
  3. Advance to the conditions step.
  4. Delete all the rules: 
  5. On the left, click dashboard.
  6. Next to your connection, click manual sync.
  7. Adjust the date range.
  8. Click submit.

In a few minutes, check your log for results.

How do I re-enable the class filter?

Once complete, you can reactivate the rule:

  1. Delete the class rule at Connex ruleset.
  2. Go to Connex Online Dashboard.
  3. Click Manage.
  4. Expand Orders.
  5. Expand Sync orders From QuickBooks.
  6. Go to "Sync Orders With Class:" and choose the class you would like to be listed in your orders in QBO for us to sync them.
  7. Click Save Settings.


You must have QuickBooks Online Pro or Advanced to enable Class tracking.