For an initial sync of inventory, can I upload a spreadsheet to Shopify?

From QuickBooks Desktop, you can upload a spreadsheet of products and perform an initial inventory sync.

How do I upload the sheet?

Test with a single item, then do more items. To make the sheet, here are the steps:

  1. Log into QuickBooks.
  2. Go to lists and click item list.
  3. On the bottom, click Excel and export all products.
  4. Select CSV and click OK.
  5. Rename the item name field to variant SKU.
  6. Rename the Quantity on Hand field to Variant Stock Qty.
  7. Create a column called Title and make it equal the variant SKU field.
  8. Add a column called Variant Inventory Tracking and add shopify as the value.
  9. Rename sales price to Variant Sales Price.
  10. Log into Shopify.
  11. On the left, click products.
  12. Click the import button.
  13. Upload the spreadsheet.
  14. In Shopify, click import.
  15. You will see that the stock has changed.