Getting started with Etsy

How to install and use Etsy with Connex

How do I pair?

Log into Connex. Click add new connection. Choose Etsy. Sign into Etsy through Connex.

How do the fields map, when syncing orders?

Here is a guide:

Etsy QuickBooks Notes
SKU Item Name / Number  
Discount Discount  
Order Date Order Date  
Payment Method Payment Method  
Carrier Code Shipping Method  
Tracking Number Tracking Number  
ReceiptId Order Number  
Billing Address Billing Address name, line 1, city, state, and zip.
Shipping Address Shipping Address name, line 1, city, state, and zip. We map the billing address for the billing and shipping address.
Shipment Notification Time Ship Date  
Total Shipping Cost Total Shipping Cost  
Unit Price Unit Price  
Quantity Line Item Quantity  
Description Line Item Description  
Total Tax Cost Total Tax  


Do you sync stock changes?

Yes, stock changes are supported. We match the Etsy SKU to the QuickBooks item name. If you use QuickBooks Online, the QuickBooks SKU and Etsy SKU could match.


The Etsy integration is in beta. Although we tested the features to work in our sandbox, the sync might fail. Please contact us, prior to set-up.