Web Connector Troubleshooting

Error: Company file is locked by another client

The Web Connector is failing to update resulting in the following error message: "Message: Update aborted. Company file is locked by another client COMPUTER_NAME."


This typically is caused by the Auto-Run being set to trigger too frequently. In other words, this means the Auto-Run interval (value) is set too low (i.e. 15 minutes or less) and the Web Connector does not have enough time to finish the previous task before starting the next one.

Another possible cause is that the Web Connector was force-closed while running. 

Finally, error can occur with QuickBooks is in multi-user mode and a user logs off the machine, but fails to log out of QuickBooks. Your company file is locked, but Windows should release the lock in 30 minutes. This is especially common when using QuickBooks with hosted environments or remote desktops, such as RightNetworks or another RDP.


The QuickBooks company file will typically automatically unlock itself within a few hours. Restarting the QuickBooks computer usually assists in forcing this to happen.

  • Auto-Run: Disable the Auto-Run or set the interval to a higher value. We recommend 30 minutes or more for the Auto-Run.
  • It's not recommended to force-closed the Web Connector while it is running. In this case, you may need to restart the computer and/or wait 15-30 minutes, then try again.
  • Restart your machine. If, after a few hours, either Windows or the QuickBooks company file is not unlocked (meaning the error persists), you'll need to contact your internal IT professional to release the lock.
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