Feature Request: Transaction log daily email - formatting to help read more easily

I know you can filter the log on the website, but the log that I receive daily can sometimes be a a hundred lines long, and ~50% of them useless bits of information.  They clog up the log and make it really hard to discern useful information from repeated or "normal" errors.

For example, because the software checks and re-checks every transaction during a particular period, you get a lot of this type of error:

6452 Transaction 6452 already exists in QuickBooks under John Smith placed on 11/30/2020 5:36:55 PM

I understand this is a normal message due to the way Connex works, however it would be nice if these "already exists" error messages were treated differently.

  • Perhaps a different color and/or size font
  • Even better, a way to remove these from the daily email (maybe an option for email formatting in your account settings)





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