Feature Request: Generate Payment on Zoey Payment Date vs Invoice Creation Date

Zoey has recently launched a new billing feature where they can bill customers on net terms and the customer can make the payment at a later date.

Once this payment has been made in Zoey (30+ days later), Connex generates a payment in Quickbooks that closes out the Quickbooks invoice. This functionality works fine.

The problem is that currently this payment is being generated with the same date as the order/invoice creation date versus the actual date that the payment was made. This means that the payment dates are off by 30+ days which is difficult for accounting and we have to go back and change it.

I am requesting that Connex can use either the date that the payment was made in Zoey (which is in the order response) and generate the Quickbooks Payment date based on that, or even just use the current date (when the Quickbooks Payment is generated from the sync). If it is off by a day or two that's fine, it just is a problem when it's months old.

Thank you!




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