What are your top 5 favorite productivity tools?

Technology helps us each become exponentially more productive and get more done today than ever before.

To accomplish that, there exists an array of extremely helpful productivity tools on the market today. What are some of your favorite tools and why?

I'll start!


1. Microsoft Teams

I know everyone loves Slack; and don't get me wrong, Slack is awesome. For me, though, I've grown to really enjoy using Microsoft Teams. Like Slack, it helps me stay on top of everything going on; it's faster than email; and the collaborative tools are outstanding. I enjoy the features to create wiki's, append helpful documents as tabs, and so much more. But the real power of Teams is how it seamlessly integrates with Office 365, essentially putting everything at your finger tips.

2. Calendly

What can I say - I freakin' love Calendly. It makes scheduling and managing my calendar a breeze! If you work with clients, schedule calls, etc. the power of this tool is limitless.

3. Trello

I love Trello for it's simplicity, ease of use, and capability to organize a lot of information as well as help manage tasks. I spend about 20% of my time working on Product Management, collecting and organizing feedback, and building out a road map. I use it for task tracking, as well. Best of all, it's FREE!

4. SnagIt Editor

Simply put, I don't think I've found a better screen shot/screen capture tool on the market.

5. Screencastify

Free screen cast tool that allows users to take short, five-minute videos or screen casts. I love this tool because it allows me to help customers achieve their desired outcomes; or share a short personalized welcome video. 


What are some of your favorite tools?




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