How has COVID-19 affected your business?

Hello everyone! With the world feeling relatively topsy-turvy due to the pandemic and other global economic and geopolitical factors, we've all had to rise to new unique challenges to ensure the survival of our businesses. For Connex, we were lucky enough to already be a fully-remote, distributed team. With that in mind, not a ton has changed for us. However, it did mean we had to rethink many of the planned strategic meetings, team building events, and training sessions we had planned; as well as reallocate a lot of our resources quickly from our road map to pandemic-inspired projects to ensure our valued customer's are supported and have everything they need to take worrying about making sure their sales enter QuickBooks accurately (one less thing to worry about.

That being said, how has the pandemic affected your business? Is your business open and operating at full capacity? Are sales strong, sluggish, or something else?

Did you make the choice to pivot i some way?

What new challenges and pain points are you facing today that didn't exist in Q1 2020? How has your business changed?


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