Match Deposit Tool

We are working on a new feature that will enable Amazon customers to take advantage of the Match Deposit Tool (click here to learn more about the Match Deposit tool).

If a feature such as this is interesting and/or of use for your organization, we will be looking for beta testers! If you're interested and/or have feedback regarding a feature such as this, I encourage commenting below and dropping your name in the hat if you're open to beta testing. 

Thank you!



  • Official comment

    This feature is planned and currently in development.

    If you are an Amazon customer and would like early access to beta test this feature, please reach out by submitting a ticket.

  • Update!

    We plan to expand this feature by adding functionality with PayPal, Shopify Pay, Stripe, Square and more. 

    Still looking for beta testers, if anyone is interested.

  • I might be interested in testing the PayPal capability.

  • Hi Michael,

    Awesome! Shoot us an email to sales at syncwithconnex dot com. Match Deposit Tool functionality with PayPal is new, so we'd love to have some beta testers.


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