Picking Up information in Notes Section of Shopify

Allowing for Connex to talk to notes section in shopify for syncing data. In our particular instance, we are running the App Returnly that posts important information (refund and inventory restocking information) into the Notes section which Connex needs access to in order for it to get recognized by Quickbooks.





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  • Hey Todd,

    Thank you so much for your post. Interesting use case, indeed. 

    Something like this may prove challenging, especially if Shopify doesn't make that field available to third-parties in their API. In addition, Intuit doesn't allow us to add data to the "Notes" field in QuickBooks, sadly - so we'd have to look into an alternative.


    Anyone else have a similar use case? I'd love to hear what our other customers experience! What do you use the notes for?


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