Aggregate Import by SKU by Location

It would be great to schedule an auto-import (for us Shopify to Quickbooks Desktop) that could import one day's worth of sales by SKU by location.  For example we attend a Farmers Market on a Thursday.  Instead of auto-importing every single transaction.  Import an aggregate for that day and location.

12 - SKUA

11- SKUB

6 - SKUC


This is much less work to match transactions and deposits than matching every single one.  



  • Hi Dayna,

    Thanks for taking advantage of the Connex user community! This new tool is my baby, so I'm excited when our valued customers take advantage of it.

    Being familiar with your unique use case, I thought I'd chime in.

    Aggregating by location could be challenging. However, Connex does have a Summary transaction feature that aggregates sales from the past 24-hours into one summary sales receipt or invoice, similar to what you describe.

    The challenge is, it's an all-or-nothing setting. In other words, you're either syncing everything as an individual sale or everything as a summary. Can't pick-and-choose, I'm afraid.

    Nevertheless, this is how it works if you'd like to see if perhaps it's a good fit for your use case:


  • Thank you for your response.  This could be very useful..  So I understand is Everything - all sales by a location, or is it all sales?  In other words, could we get:

    Everything that day for online sales

    Everything that day for Farmers Market A

    Everything that day for Retail Store Sales

    The above would be 3 different sales receipts.  Or would it be:

    Every single sale that day at every single location is one sales receipt.  If it is the 3 different summaries, that is exactly what we need. 


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