Create Magento plug-in to get data

Your current method of retrieving data from Magento doesn't allow you to get all the data. ShipStation uses a plug-in and has access to more data. Is there a plan to create a plug-in so you have access to all the Magento data?



  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for submitting this request!

    Keeping in mind that Connex is an order syncing tool first and foremost, to what data are you referring?

  • We have some Customer Input data on the order that we can't get directly from Magento. We have to let 

    ShipStation transfer the order, then use Connex to transfer from ShipStation to QuickBooks. This causes a 2+ hour delay in getting orders and also some occasional odd issues. ShipStation is able to get all the data because they have a plug-in, Connex is not able to get the data. 


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