What is the QuickBooks Web Connector and how do I use it?


The QuickBooks Web Connector is an Intuit application designed to enable third-party developers (like us) to provide integration solutions for desktop versions of QuickBooks. In essence, it is what allows Connex to "talk" to desktop versions of QuickBooks; it is what triggers Connex to work it's magic and sync your sales into QuickBooks.

How does it work?

To learn more about how the Web Connector works, I recommend checking out Intuit's developer tool kit, which you can find below. Fair warning: It reads very much like stereo instructions from the 1990's!

How do I use it to connect with Connex?

Connex and the Web Connector are "paired" by way of a small text-based file called a "QWC" or "QBWC" file. Essentially, this instructions the Web Connector how to talk to Connex.

Once applied, check the box on the left-hand side, then click "Update Selected." This triggers the Web Connector to run a one-time sync.

To run automatically, check the "Auto-run" box and set the "Every_Min" field to no faster than 15 minutes.

* PRO TIP: When the "Auto-run" is enabled, don't close the Web Connector! Instead, click "Hide" to minimize the Web Connector to the system tray of your machine. If the Web Connector is closed, no data is syncing! *

Can I set the Web Connector to run in real-time?

No, unfortunately not. 

Can I set up the Web Connector on more than one machine or with more than one QuickBooks user?

Yes to both! However, we highly recommend against doing so. The Web Connector works best when set up on one computer and when only one stakeholder is responsible for ensuring it is running.

Does this work with hosted environments, servers, or remote desktops?

Yes, it does. However, there are some limitations. When using the Web Connector on a server or via a hosted environment, it is very important to keep in mind that once you are logged out of the remote session, this closes all or your applications - including the Web Connector. This means that the Web Connector will not be syncing any data overnight. 

Therefore, when you login to the remote desktop or server in the morning, you will need to launch the Web Connector.

Thankfully, Connex remembers where you left off and will resume syncing your sales to QuickBooks from that point, forward.





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