How should I organize my SKU's (product variants)?


Each product, including variants, should have it's own SKU (stock-keeping-unit). In this example, we will discuss product variants and how they should map to QuickBooks.

Product Variations

Each product variation should have its own SKU. In this case, the SKU is unique based on color and size:

In QuickBooks, we recommend that the QuickBooks product name and e-commerce SKU be the same. You can enter the full product name in the sales description field:

The QuickBooks name field has a max length of forty characters, but the sales description can fit over one thousand characters. You can create a top-level product called arrow dress and place the variants beneath it:

In this example, arrow dress is a non-inventory item. Connex will match sub-products and SKU's.

Alternatively, you can make the QuickBooks and product SKU the same. If your product SKU in QuickBooks is the e-commerce SKU, you can enable match SKU within the settings of Connex.




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