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When viewing Sync with Connex Help Center articles, you may run into an article that you have questions about. We monitor all of our articles for new comments and welcome your feedback in the comment section. 

  • Note: Anonymous users cannot comment on articles. You must log in to the Help Center user account to draft a comment.

Instructions for commenting

Part 1: Sign in (or sign up, if you're posting for the first time)

  1. Click Sign in from the upper right hand corner
  2. Enter your email address and password, or choose to log in via a social network
  • NoteEven if you've started a trial or purchased a subscription to Sync with Connex products, the first time you post, you must create an account as an end user in our Help Center. 

Part 2: Draft and post your comment

  1. At the bottom of the article, click Add a comment and draft your comment
  2. Optionally, you can select formatting options from the toolbar. 
  3. Click Submit. Your posted comment will alert any of the article's followers, as well as the Sync with Connex team monitoring comments. We'll help you find an answer shortly!

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