Product feedback guidlines & how to write a good feedback post

Welcome to the General Product Feedback Topic!

No one knows our products better than you, our users. We love hearing about how you use our tools and what would make them better.  

This topic is for product feedback about Sync with Connex. Don't worry, if your post should be in another topic, the Sync with Connex Community Team will move it for you. 

Here are a few guidelines on how to use the Product Feedback Community, so that our Product team can effectively use and apply your feedback:

Follow the Community Code of Conduct

Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome. Disparaging, harassing, mean, or snarky remarks about Zendesk, its employees, vendors, partners, or other community members will not be tolerated. We’re all friends and professionals, so let’s keep it polite. We don’t like having to remove comments, but we reserve the right to do so without warning in order to maintain a positive community experience for everyone.

If it's a bug or you need support, create a ticket

This topic is for sharing ideas about the product. If you're reporting an actual bug, that should go into a ticket so that it can get routed to the appropriate engineering team. 

Search first

We receive hundreds of feedback posts every month, so there's a good chance someone has already made a suggestion similar to yours. Keeping conversations in existing threads makes them easier for others to find, and helps keep the Community organized. Here's how to filter your search results for product feedback: 


Vote for suggestions you like

Votes do matter! See a post or comment you like or agree with? Use that up arrow! Feel like making a post that just says "+1"? Please use votes instead. Post a comment to share your detailed use case.

Give details, examples, and tell us about the problem you’re trying to solve

Our Product Managers are problem solvers! The most helpful Product Feedback posts are the ones that describe the nature and scope of a problem. Try to answer these questions in your post or comment: 

  • What is the problem?
  • Why is it a problem?
  • How do you solve the problem today?
  • How would you ideally solve the problem?
  • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted)

It's much easier for us to address a suggestion if we clearly understand the context of the issue, the problem, and why it matters to you.

Rest assured we will read your post, but we may not respond

We read all of the feedback that comes through this forum. Yes, all of it! We take feedback seriously; it's driven many of the changes and improvements to our products over the years, and we believe it's a vital part of making Sync with Connex better. 

That said, we simply can't respond to everything. (Remember what we said about hundreds of post per month? ...yeah. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!)

Sync with Connex team members may engage in conversations, ask follow-up questions, or even start threads on topics they’re exploring. If your post or comment doesn’t receive a response, don’t worry. We’ve seen it, and we’ll let you know if and when we have any updates to share.

Posts are not guaranteed a response, or inclusion in any product backlogs or roadmaps. This forum is simply for sharing your challenges and how you use the product, but it is not a case/resolution system. 

We don’t share timelines

Occasionally, we’ll share very general ideas of what is or isn’t on a roadmap, or roughly when you might expect to see something roll out. However, we do not share specifics, and often can’t tell you exactly what’s on the roadmap. Any timelines we share are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. 

There are situations where we aren't ready to share what we're up to or it's not reasonable for us to give specifics. While we are as up front as we can be, our roadmap is full of projects and we generally don’t provide timelines for new features or changes. If we do provide a timeline, know that it is subject to change.


Post maintenance and archiving

Requests that have been inactive for 6+ months will be archived. These are retained internally and remain visible to product managers. To keep the community navigable and help us prioritize the requests that are most important to the largest number of users, we have to have a line for when posts will be removed.

This doesn't mean your idea was bad, or that it will never happen. It just means that it wasn't something that came up for a lot of users. 

This also means that if there's an idea you like, be sure to be active in that conversation! 

Comments that turn disparaging, mean, or are otherwise unhelpful to the conversation may be removed without warning. You're allowed to express frustration or dissatisfaction, just remember there are real people on the other side of the screen, and your boss and your grandma can see these comments if they Google your name. So keep it civil and professional. 


Thank you for reading this and for understanding how we address suggestions. We value all feedback and we're happy to have a place to engage in these conversations.




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