RECOMMENDED FEATURE - Income Account Override

Currently all connections between marketplaces and Quickbooks Online offer an Income Account destination which you manually select.  However, if a product in QBO already has an assigned Income Account to it, then the product will be placed in the assigned Income Account instead of the manually selected income account in Cloud Cart during synchronization.   


This causes SKUs which are shared amongst multiple shopping carts to be misplaced in the wrong income account.  While the total revenue is still correct, the desired income account is not.


It would be nice to have a checkbox feature which allows the imported sales to "override" the product's assigned income account and account for the sales based on the selection in the synchronization menu on Cloud Cart.



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  • I have spoken with several QBO accountant "experts", and none have been able to find a solution to this dilemma other than creating different SKU's, which is not feasible with large warehouses.


    The issue is caused by the shared SKU's, upon import, QBO looks for the first Account in the chart of accounts which has this SKU linked to it, and alphabetically speaking, it usually falls under Amazon.  The override feature would resolve this dilemma entirely.


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