I have completed my 14-day Free Trial. How do I purchase a Connex Plan?

I have completed my 14-day free trial. How do I purchase a Connex Plan?

You can upgrade your trial to a paid subscription right from the Connex dashboard. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner, then click Upgrade Plan.
    Note: This redirects you to our Sync with Connex Plans and Purchase Page located at store.syncwithconnex.com. 
  2. Choose Connex Desktop or Online and click Compare Plans and Buy Now.

  3. Choose a plan from the options and click Buy Now

When you choose your plan and click Buy Now, you arrive at the shopping cart.  Agree to the terms and conditions and click proceed to checkout.



Note, this portal is completely separate from your Connex Orders Dashboard.  You are being redirected to the Sync with Connex payment portal which stores your purchase and credit card information.  Since this portal is completely separate from your order syncing portal, you will be asked to register for an account. Even though you have registered for a Connex account to start your trial, you are required to register here.  Please use the same email address as your order syncing portal.  


 Register for an account to complete the purchase process. 




I have purchased my plan, how do I activate my license?  See this article to complete the process by activating your license. 

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