Trial Set-up Overview & Pre-requisites

Trial Set up Overview & Pre-requisites

Sync with Connex is pleased to offer a complimentary 30-minute trial set-up session to our pre-approved customers. 


A discovery call with a Connex Account Manager is required to schedule a complimentary trial set up. If you have not completed this call, we reserve the right to cancel the meeting.  If you need to schedule this call, please reach out to us at [email protected]

What is the scope of the complimentary trial set-up session?

  • The scope of the trial set-up is limited to the configuration of our product(s) (Connex for QuickBooks Desktop and Connex for QuickBooks Online) and one integration of your choice.  
  • During this set-up session, Connex will establish the connection between your integration and your QuickBooks company file through your Connex account. If time permits, a brief overview of Connex and some questions may be answered by your rep. 
  • Trial users have access to email support by submitting a support ticket from inside the Connex account. The link is located under the Help Icon.
  • If you need more time, a full on-boarding is offered after the purchase of a Connex Subscription Plan. 
  • We use Zoom screen sharing software to conduct these meetings.  This is not a phone call


To make better use of the 30 minute time frame allotted for your trial set up, please see the following requirements needed to conduct a smooth set-up.

Requirements to prepare for the set-up meeting

  1. Please have admin passwords to QuickBooks, all connection platforms, and your server (if applicable) available prior to set up.
  2. Prior to the meeting, please be logged into QuickBooks, your integration, and your remote server (if applicable).  If you have registered for a Connex account, please login prior to the meeting. 
  3. Required:  QuickBooks Desktop Users must log into QuickBooks in Single-User Mode as the Admin
  4. Required: QuickBooks Online users must log into QuickBooks as the Admin
  5. For QuickBooks Desktop users, we strongly recommend backing up your QuickBooks
    Company File both regularly and prior to your on-boarding session.
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